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NYC Waterfalls

June 26th, 2008 No comments

NYC Waterfalls
4 Locations (Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Piers 4 and 5, Pier 35, Governors Island)

So the word’s out about this newest art attraction in the city, which they are calling the “NYC Waterfalls”. Just when you thought there was no more excitement to be had in the city, here comes something to entice people’s moods again! These waterfalls could be seen along the harbor (great view of it from the Manhattan side (don’t have any opinions yet through, from the Brooklyn side). Better cease this opportunity before it goes away in mid-October!

Straight through this “secret garden” (as my colleague calls it – and how rightfully named!) this was truly, one of the perfect spots to view 3 waterfalls at once! – Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Piers and Governors Island. This location definitely transports you away from the true hustle and bustle of the city life and gives you that momentary escape from reality through the tranquil and serene mood that surrounds you while you are there. So, “Where is this is?” you ask. Well…, I won’t spill the “secret garden” location just quite yet (if I did, that would defeat the whole purpose of its name!). Though OK…, I’ll see if I’m in a giving mood later…
So, although today was a very cloudy and windy day, it did give you a different view of how the waterfalls blend in with nature (i.e. how the wind plays with the falls by brushing against it). Though yes, I must (and will) step out during a sunny day and take some newer snapshots and post up for a comparison. (…and I’ll leave the night shots when Frank is there).

Well, there’s no “true” entertainment and activities here, since this is considered more of a sightseeing event than anything else. However, because of the location of where this was being viewed, as a special reward, you get to enjoy the beauty of the garden area too!
Actually, to be honest, when I first stepped foot in, it swept me back to when Frank and I were in Tokyo for our vacation. When we were in Roppongi area, there was a spot outside one of the buildings (near the Mori Tower and TV Ashaii HQ) where it was like a walk-through garden path. It was more beautiful than this one, but wow, it was just a nice feeling to recall. —Sorry, got a bit side-tracked. Continuing on…—
There are a few benches hidden through the mini side paths where you can sit and soak in some peace from the somewhat uptight feel surrounding the financial district area (especially with recent news these days where many of the major investment banks are reporting tremendous loss of all profits due to various write-downs; like Merill for its exposure to bonds issuers, Morgan with its loans/mortgaged-back debts, and so forth). Not an easy time for this cyclical industry…

If you are in the downtown area, visiting the Seaport, the famous Wall Street Bull or Battery Park, this is something a little extra to make your visit to the city a bit more special and memorable. Although not a fascinating draw during the day (maybe better at night?), it will make you go “wow” / “cool”, just to see different side to the harbor that was never there before. Hey, it’s free, you have a camera, so why not!

Alright, so you read up to here. I did give a few hints above, did you catch them? Well, you already know we were viewing from the Manhattan side and down in the financial district (okay, so maybe not the best hints ever, but at least you have an idea of where you need to be). So, okay, in-between the Standard & Poor’s building and HIP building along Water St (I’d say about 2 blocks away from the Ferry), there is an up-escalator that would, seemingly, lead you to the building entrances above. However, it is not! After all my years having been working downtown, I was amazed at what I was seeing! An actual mini garden built on a balcony-like area! With it being perched above ground and the view of the Brooklyn it provides, I’d say it’s one of the perfect (and “secret” spots) to view the 3 of 4 waterfalls! “So, there you have it.” “Now, go and find it!”

Extra Virgin (for Brunch)

June 22nd, 2008 No comments

Extra Virgin
(Mediterranean/French Cuisine)
259 W 4th St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 691-9359

In our continued pursuit of good brunch places, this time, we headed to Extra Virgin (again, similiar to Deborah, was in the same W4 St location. I guess people there really take their brunch time quite seriously!). Based on the reviews I have read thus far about it, decided to try this out, hoping this would be on the same playing field (if not, top) our unanimous favorite, Deborah.

On a slightly drizzly Sunday noontime, you would think that possibly, the uninviting weather would make people stay home. On the contrary! You see groups of people queued up for seats into Extra Virgin for brunch. With a canopy top outside, the 5 (out of the 6 outdoor) two-seaters were all taken. Making your step up into the establishment, inside was loud (because of all the conversations going on from table to table) and was packed. The clientele were primarily the young, trendy folks, all gathering with their friends for a good dine out. To the left will be the busy hostess who will take your order.
Looking further into the restaurant itself, you can see the bar area with their beautiful array of liquor stretched across the back counter of their bar and with all the bar stools all taken by brunch-going diners (and not the ones who are just merely there for a drink).




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Bamiyan (for Dinner)

June 13th, 2008 No comments

(Afghan Cuisine)
358 3rd Ave (at E. 26th St)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 481-3232

IMG 1522

Bamiyan was an unintentional dinner stop for us. We were actually suppose to dine at Yakiniku JuJu (down on E. 28th btwn 3rd & Lexington Ave), for their All-You-Can-Eat Japanese/Korean BBQ at $27. It was not very clearly stated on the June Chopsticks magazine that BBQ was only for Sunday – Thursday. Though, I do have to add, there was some Sunday – Thursday indication – but they were specifically referring to 1/2 price sake (not specifically BBQ)! So, being hopeful, I was optimistic that we would have a nice BBQ dinner on a Friday evening.

Well, maybe you can blame it on being Friday the 13th (no, I am not superstitious, but just to toss out there anyway for fun – though if you were wondering…, today was overall, a good/normal day for me). When we arrived at Yakiniku JuJu, got seated upstairs and were presented with the menu, my contentment turned into disappointment when I came across the full-page menu spread that indicated “All-You-Can-Eat BBQ” was only for “Sunday – Thursday”! After a short contemplation, we decided to leave and save our pockets for another day when we can really go for the “Real Deal”. So, we thanked our waitress and headed out the door.

“Gosh, no Yakiniku, now what?!” Well, since we were near 3rd Ave, there are lots of restaurants to choose from on that strip so, we headed that direction. We walked a few blocks down and ran into this corner Afghan restaurant. Decided to take a look at their menu displayed on their window to see what they had to offer:
1) Not bad, reasonably priced dishes – Kebabs, homemade pasta dishes, entrees…
2) Saw their MenuPages review proudly displayed on their window front. Good reviews, can understand why they do not hesitate to advertise it (though it needs an update, the reviews were not of current year!)

So, okay, all-in-all not bad. Figured, since we never did Afghan before (and it was on my list of cuisines to conquer), decided to give this restaurant a shot. So, “Bamiyan, we’re ready for you!”
IMG 1521

The entryway into the restaurant was very unique. You had to enter on the corner side street of E. 26th, so there wasn’t much room sitting between the sidewalk and the restaurant. Taking one step up and walking through the open-gates (yea, there were gates), to my astonishment, we were presented with a completely wood-covered(?) door (not the typical see-thru glass doors you usually get for restaurants). As I pulled opened the door, looking in, there was a hostess already waiting to greet and seat us.

It was probably near 7pm when we got there with only a few tables opened. It was a dimly-lit environment, great for those who want the romantic atmosphere. By far, the restaurant is not small in size. There appeared to be 3 sections (at least from what I can recall). The main dining section (where the full bar is located at), the back section (where the restrooms can be found) and then the one-aisle (I think) side window seating area. The wait-staff were all very young (honestly, definitely younger than me). Though, I have to give credit, our young teenage-looking waitress was soft-spoken, very sweet and gracious (she kinda reminded me of myself actually!) The only one quarm I have so far is why couldn’t the hostess seat us in a window seat (there were definitely tables available)? She sat us left of a window table seat (pre-occupied at the moment). Actually, I could’ve spoken up, but the thought didn’t cross my mind actually. I was overwhelmed by the new atmosphere and culture I was walking into. But oh well, good enough I guess (next time, I’ll keep that in mind)!
IMG 1530

We ventured on the 1 appetizer and 2 meal dish here:
Appetizer – Kachaloo

Turnovers filled with potatoes with herbs and spices with a yogurt dipping sauce (4 pieces). Average-in-size, the outside was crispy (and greasy). Inside was a meld of the potatoes and herbs. I was actually a bit disappointed. Being a potato-lover, wanted just a little more potatoes inside because I felt that the herbs just overpowered the potatoes and my mouth just a bit. Basically, it got in the way of me enjoying the “potato” part of the dish (‘cuz, as I was chewing, it was a bit crunchy from the herbs inside). Frank didn’t find the dipping sauce to be too tasty. Well, yes, it was a bit more on the tart/tangy side, but I guess that is how yogurt sauce is…

IMG 1536

Dish 1 – Asheh Gooshti

Homemade noodles with meat sauce and yogurt. I chose this dish because I was lured in by the category it fell under, “Authentic Afghan Pasta Dishes” and with the description being “homemade”. I liked this dish the best of all, but was a bit disappointed by the homemade noodles. It turned out to be more like broad egg noodles. Taste was no different than buying the dried version (in my view). What I found funny was Frank related this dish to Beefaroni (and I do like beefaroni, maybe that is why I liked this dish the best! ha ha!) Though have to say, this dish cleans up fairly nicely with the 4 free yummy square-shaped crusty bread (which surprisingly, tasted like good pizza crust!) we got to wipe down the sauce.

IMG 1557

IMG 1540

Above Pic: We used this to mop up the sauciness!

Dish 2: Quorma Baunjaun with Lamb
Eggplant sauteed with onions, green peppers and tomatoes, with lamb on white basmati rice. When I tasted the dish, I really did not notice nor taste the eggplant. Which made me question, “Hmm, is this the right dish?” Well, as far as the lamb goes, it was melt in your mouth. Frank’s thought of the lamb was that it tasted like beef stew. Which, I would say, is a pretty accurate description. Dish was like beef stew but on a more tangy/sour side.

IMG 1546

Overall, the food was okay/fine. I was not in awe of one particular dish. Although, one would say, why did we not order any of their Kebab dishes? Well, I wanted to try something different other than their typical kebabs, just to span our taste buds a bit. Based on the 3 dishes we had, what stood out was that it seems (to me) the taste of this cuisine is on the slightly tangy side. (I wonder if that is true?) Would I want to come back to Bamiyan? “No.” I mean it’s a nice place and all, but I would prefer to try another Afghan restaurant so we can have a better perspective (as this was our first time). Haven’t ruled out this cuisine altogether yet! Just want to span our restaurant venues for this. It was good to try at least once, though.

In their menu, they have a “Traditional Afghan Dinner for Two” available for about $70. If I was not concerned about price, this would be something I would order. It sounds very interesting and seems as if you would be very close to experiencing the ‘true’ Afghani meal.

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Sandwich Planet Burger Craving… Satisfied!

June 12th, 2008 No comments

Crescent City Hamburger
El Camino Hamburger
FriesSandwich Planet Fries

Yeah, so I finally had my Sandwich Planet burgers and they were so yum! Fries were good too but it wasn’t enough for 2 ppl. It was only $1.75 for the order of fries though. Pretty cheap for such awesome fries.

Anyway, so when I get home I found this in the house:

What’s in this beat up box you ask? Well, they’re the 2 missing pieces to my collection. I’ve been trying to order these at their website for weeeeeeeeekkkkkksss without success. It was a new online store and had bugs that just didnt let you place an order. Here’s a picture of what’s in the box:
World of Warcraft Figures

Yeah, they’re World of Warcraft figures. They’re the only 2 that I’m missing from my collection. The big deluxe one is called Illidan Stormrage and the small red one is Blood Elf Rogue: Valeera Sanguinar. I got these off the Blizzard Online Store which should be working now so if you’re interesting in the first series of these WoW figures then go buy them there! That’s the only place u can get them besides off ebay which will cost you an arm and a toe.

Here’s a few more pics of the toys I took:
World of Warcraft Illidan Stormrage Action Figure
World of Warcraft Blood Elf Rogue: Valeera Sanguinar Action Figure

Oh, before we got home though we finished off the night with some yummy italian ice! Rainbows for me, Amanda, and our niece Angelina and the Lemon for Amanda’s mom.
Rainbow Italian Ices

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Sandwich Planet burgers… oh how I miss thee…

June 10th, 2008 1 comment

I’ve had many many many burgers in my life before but haven’t encountered too many good burgers. Not even the ones at Good Burger are as good as they say or as good as I want them. I just had goodburger again last nite to give them another chance and I didn’t find them too good. They were just okay. The fries were pretty good though I thought. Amanda didn’t think so. She prefers the Sandwich Planet fries more but for me I thought they were pretty good. Better than McDonald’s fries. Right below are pictures of a hamburger and a cheeseburger with crispy onions.

IMG 1423
IMG 1424
Good Burger Cheeseburger with Crispy Onions
Good Burger Hamburger with Crispy Onions

The burgers I’ve been thinking about are from Sandwich Planet. Man, they’re sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooood!!! So big. So juicy! So burger-y!!! They’re so good that I can just eat the burger by itself. Here’s a picture of what I’ve been craving. *droooooooool* Included a picture of the fries to show u what Amanda loves.


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6th Annual Snapple Big Apple Barbeque Block Party

June 7th, 2008 No comments

Big Apple Barbeque Block Party
Madison Square Park, NYC

The 6th Annual Snapple Big Apple Barbeque Block Party is finally underway! Taking over Madison Square Park for the entire weekend, this would be considered a “not miss” event, especially if you want to savor some of the best works from 14 of the Top Pitmasters from around the country. Think of it this way, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a plane ticket out to Texas just to have a taste of the best brisket in town! Just $8.00 will do ya for one plate filled with yummy goodness from Texas’ Salt Lick BBQ stand. For the meat eaters in many of us and more so, the BBQ fanatics within most all of us, this “should” only be the place to be at this weekend (although, sorry, can’t help you there if this is the weekend you are to walk down the aisle or take that darn GMAT exam! Well, actually, all hope is not lost, the event starts from 12pm – 6pm, so there is still a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!…)
Entrance to Madison Square Park

Yea, so out of all the 2 days we had, we picked the Saturday to go there, which turned out to be one of the hottest days, ~97F degrees (though really, Sunday wasn’t any better either). Just the previous day (Friday), it was an enjoyable mid 70s. Now, like I was saying to others, if we had temps like Friday on the BBQ days, then it would have made the outdoors more bearable. Though, all-in-all, being this is another one of our “firsts”, this was just exciting overall. Just to be there and to experience life in NYC!

We arrived there at about 12:45pm and it was just amazing to see how many people were already there! Extreme LOOONG lines at the BBQ stands already and all the picnic bench tables lining the sidewalk along the few blocks of Madison Ave were all taken by everyone. I think we needed to arrive at like 11am instead (even though the event starts at 12pm)! Well anyhoo, we were greeted with guys handing out stick fans to all the BBQ-goers (boy, did those come in real handy in this weather!) By the looks of things below, you can see it’s going to be a tough (but good) few hours here.
IMG 1208

Above Pic: Now do u get the jist of the environment?

IMG 1289

Above Pic: Yes, this is an ACTUAL line for one of the BBQ stands.. One of the many familiar looking lines found throughout…

So, like I had mentioned above, there were a total of 14 Pitmasters participating in this event. During our 3 hour stay, we only hit 2 of them:
1) The Salt Lick BBQ (Texas) – This is the first pitstop we hit, primarily because Frank’s friend, Howie, was already on line. I don’t know how long we waited, almost 1 hour? But anyway, finally got our food which was Beef Brisket, 1/2 Sausage and Coleslaw. BBQ from Texas, what can beat that? Well, what I can tell you, I loved the bun they used, nice and soft. They should all be that good. Coleslaw was what it was, coleslaw. Ain’t nothing spectacular with that. As with the brisket itself, pretty good. I guess it didn’t blow me away or anything. I just ate it and that was it.
The Salt Lick BBQ for Brisket, Sausage, & Beans

Brisket & Sausage

2) 17th Street Bar & Grill (Illinois) – Our second and last pitstop (could not bear it anymore out in the blazin’ hot sun). Here, they offered Baby Back Ribs and Beans. Let me tell u, the beans were “OUTSTANDING!”. The best beans Frank and I both agreed we ever had! It was nice and sweet and just plain, “really good!” I am not a big baked beans eater but this, this was something! I wouldn’t mind grabbing myself another plate if I had to! I guess this is TRULY, how baked beans should be made and taste like! I’ve been misled all this time! Well, even though beans are not meant to be the big stars, still, they are quintessential to the whole experience! They are the sides which helps prop up the star of the show! The baby back ribs were pretty “fall-off-the-bone” soft and tasty. Though, have to be honest, we weren’t served with all meaty ribs. There were a few ribs which we got nothing out of, but the other ribs were quite meaty, saucy and hearty, making up for the bony ones we got.
Mike Mills' 17th Street Bar & Grill

Pour Pour Pour!!!

Saved by the free sample of Snapple drinks. They were all pretty good!

IMG 1262

Beans were so goooooooood!!!

In my opinion, I think I enjoyed the 17th Street Bar & Grill the best. The baked beans did it for me and their truly, succulent ribs. Salt Lick was good, but to me, wasn’t all that special/different. Although we only tried 2 Pitmasters, “17th Street, you won my vote!”

Since we were primarily there for the BBQ, we didn’t really get involved with the other ‘happenings’ around there. They had a stage set-up with bands playing throughout the event and the inner park were serving alcohol (for which u needed to stay in the vicinity and were permitted to go outside the perimeter with alcohol. Also, bunch of stalls around with free stuff (i.e. free Coke Zero, energy drink, hot sauce). Enough to see and do I guess.

Can't take alcohol outside of park

To go again, yea, why not, just something to do and to add more Pitmasters samplings to our list (probably, we can only do 2 pitmaster per year as we can only do that many before start to feel stuffed.

Apparently, we did not learn from my previous post on Japan Day.
1) You gotta get sunblock! Otherwise, you will turn into blackened ribs yourself!
2) Also, get there as early as you to avoid the impact of the lines.
3) Bring lots of wetnaps! This will come in handy when u wipe down your hands of the juicy food
4) Bring an umbrella. If you know the weather forecast calls for high humidity and high temps, you will be the smart one with the umbrella, no ugly fashion statement about that now!

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Park Cafe (for Dinner)

June 2nd, 2008 No comments

Park Cafe
861 7th Ave (btwn 55th & 56th)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 315-4567

Trying to find a decent/quick place to have dinner during mid-week is tougher than eating out on a Friday night.
Mainly because you are limited to the area within your current vicinity since you wouldn’t want to travel extensively to have dinner on a Wednesday night with still work the next morning (this applies to us anyway). Diners are typically good eats in this perspective and we settled for Park Cafe, for your typical diner grub.
Park Cafe

It is what diners should be and have, vinyl booth seatings (that is how you call it, isn’t it?). Nothing really impressive or stand-out great upon entering. I actually would have hoped it would be a little bit more “classier”, being that it is located up in the upper 50s and the prices are more, but nope, not really.

Now, it wouldn’t be a diner if they did not give us a bread basket. As you can see below, quite loaded.

We ordered 2 dishes and both came with an appetizer of either soup or salad. The list of soups mentioned by the waiter were totally unappetizing so salad was the obvious choice! Turned out to be good salad with great dressing (french and creamy italian).

Salad!?  Bah!


Dish 1 – Meat Loaf
We asked the side of broccoli and mashed potatoes with this one. The meatloaf itself was rather nice, a pleasant surprise. However, totally different story with the sides! Well, I did expect them to be boiled up and naturally, when things are boiled, they have no flavor. Just exactly like how the broccoli was, TASTELESS! I would’ve though mashed potatoes would have been better (or “should” be better), but it was disappointing as well. There was no butter flavor nor salt at all. Just tasteless! Totally “blah!” We had to add our own salt to season to taste. What are they thinking? Well, at least the main dish was good…(whew!)

Meat Loaf


Dish 2 – Salisbury Steak
This dish had much better luck. I asked for side of corn and french fries here. Fries were good, yum! The side of corn was disappointing like the broccoli and mashed potatoes. Tasteless, unsalted, unbuttered. Do people actually eat these stuff like this?! But similiar to the meatloaf, the salisbury steak was very nice, tasty and saucy. It makes up for the horrible sides (other than the fries) that we got.

Salisbury Steak


I don’t know, would this be a place to return to? I’m actually tossed on this. I mean, the main entree was pretty tasty, but the sides and “extras” are just utterly passable (unless you are the type of person who likes things bland…?!). Well, to return is not any time soon. It would be a last resort if there was no other place to go to (which I guess there is your answer!, probably never again!(?)).

If you are sharing a dish with someone, avoid ordering both meat dishes.
Since we had salisbury and meatloaf (totally wasn’t thinking about this when it was ordered), but it was just too much meat to eat. A variety would have been better. But, at least it was tasty, that’s the only good thing I have to say about this place (especially with the leftovers the day after!)

2nd Annual Japan Day @ Central Park

June 1st, 2008 No comments

Central Park
Main Entrance: 99th St & 5th Ave
Japan Day Website

The 2nd Annual Japan Day @ Central Park was held today. Our first time attending! What lured us was the mention of free food (hey, who can pass that up!) Other entertainments included: Cosplay (which perked our interests ever since our Tokyo trip the previous year) and a Samurai Sword performance. Activities such as origami, calligraphy and even kiddie events should also boost everyone’s excitement of this one day event!

IMG 1091

The weather was beautiful, perfect for this event (as the previous day we were entertained with thunderous rain!) “Was the park wet and nasty”, you ask? Actually, no, not really. They did a good job covering the main stage area with rubber mats which actually were perforated (with holes). Let me tell you, good thing and bad thing about that one:
GOOD THING: You’re NOT stepping on soggy grounds.
BAD THING: To a typical passer-by, unaware of the pool of water lying underneath and anticipating for your next step forward, you walk your carefree way until – <SPLAT>! – The muddy water comes spewing out through the mat holes and you’re like, “What Da?” To some, they could care less, but to OTHERS (especially those out there wearing open-toed footwear) you get a nice little foot shower! Hey, I should know, I got it good…TWICE!…, while wearing white jeans! (nah, it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be, but it was squooshy!)
IMG 1026

Anyway, how about the crowd?! Well, close to noon, there were probably a good couple hundred people found all around the park (fyi: the event started at 10am, with a running marathon held earlier at 8am). Most of the mob were found waiting on one of the five queues offering a free “Taste of Japan” (more on that in the next section). After 3pm, it was a pretty strong turnout, with even longer lines for the free grub, a couple of dozen people found walking around as Cosplay (i.e. a few Pikachu, Naruto, some Maid outfits and others -which I am ashamed to say I do not know what character they are as I am not as young as I used to be-). Overall, not a bad place to spend a Sunday.


When we finally arrived to the front entrance, a slew of boxes grabbed our attention. As we got closer, we saw hoards of people grabbing drinks here and there and out in the distant background, you can here a female’s voice announce, “<blah blah blah> Free!” Well, with that “magical” word, we found ourselves immediately on line too! Turns out they were giving away
free cans of Ito En tea drinks (promoted by health expert, Dr. Andrew Weil – his face on the can – with the message to have everyone drink more tea!). These drinks were somewhat of a blessing in that it kept us from dehydrating under the blistering hot sun. However, if u are not a tea drinker, this could turn out to be a punishment for you.

So anyway, 4 flavored-teas were offered:
1) Jasmine White – good/normal. Drinks like the jasmine tea you order when u go for dim sum or chinese, only a cold version.
2) White Green – okay/light in taste. To me, tastes a weee bit watery.
3) Darjeeling – somewhat strong tasting. Not to pleasing for our palettes
4) Gyokuro – another flavor that did not treat us kindly. Sorry to say, but this is one which we could not get the strength to down the entire can.

IMG 1013

As far as food stall goes, this is what was offered (listed in the order of what we conquered):

  1. Mabodon – it’s basically the chinese version of the Ma Po Tofu on rice (spicy tofu with minced pork on rice).
    IMG 1067
  2. Gyudon over Rice – essentially it’s beef on rice. This was okay, beef was very chewy with lots of fat and cartilage attached. Couldn’t really it eat, tossed out the beef, but ate the rice with the sauce. Yum.
    IMG 1077
  3. Curry - from Go Go Curry restaurant. They gave a TON of rice (in our little small styrofoam bowl). It was loaded with tiny shredded beef curry on top. This last dish did it for us. “Stuffed!”
    Go Go Curry
  4. Gyoza Dumpling – did not try but from the looks of others, seemed rather tasty.
  5. Udon Noodle – did not try this either, but heard one young female teenager comment that it wasn’t very good. Though.., this was actually the longest line out of all the food that was served. Then again.., the line may have been the longest since it was near the tent that gave out free tea cans, so it would have been a naturally progression to get on this line. Well, will leave this to someone else to analyze…

We were actually disappointed by the Cosplay act (per the program, it was listed as “How to Cosplay”). It was simply a speaker describing Cosplay with a slideshow scrolling across the big screen. “Auh Shucks!” We were really hoping to see people in actual costumes too! Well, guess settling for those kids walking around the park in Pikachu, Bleach and Naruto outfits will just have to do.
Hello Kitty & Sandra Endo
Cosplay Pikachu
IMG 1079

The most interesting entertainment/activity they had was a tent of a robotic female humanoid. Quite life-like and they gave the audience the opportunity to interact with her by asking her questions, which she appropriately gave good responses too. Hmm, the futuristic world of the Jetsons doesn’t seem too far-fetched anymore..
Actroid: Real Humanoid Robot

Great free food and drinks (though, by day’s end, our arms were toasted by the sorchering sun).

Make sure to bring and apply sunblock next year!

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Deborah (for Brunch)

June 1st, 2008 No comments

(American New Cuisine)
43 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-2606

An attempt to find a good brunch place in the city landed us at a place called Deborah’s on a warm and sunny late Sunday mo
rning. Walking up on a quiet street, our eyes caught the red on white sign dangling straight out, indicating we have finally reached out destination.

We approached the restaurant and found it to be a very quaint and warm atmosphere. The restaurant was narrow in length, but did not feel claustrophobic at all, it actually contributed to its warm character, with the red bricks aligning the walls (if memory serves correct). As we walked inside, we were greeted and seated by David Oh himself! Wow, that made this visit even more special (now, how often do u get to be seated by one of the owners of a restaurant?!) Well, just to add to our morning, as luck would have it, there was a 2-seater available right next to the opened windows! Of course we grabbed it! Taking in the fresh air, having a small rectangular flower pot perched across the window (which caused a few tiny flies to flutter along our way), it was a good way to start a nice morning brunch.

With OJ and coffee included in the brunch, we ordered the:
Ranchero Eggs – fluffy eggs, great light-crispy tortillas (not those hard kinds you usually encounter) with a bit of kick! Great portion size.
Duck Confit Hash - sweet tasting shredded roast duck with delicious yukon potatoes and swiss chard.
Garlic ‘smashed’ potatoes (side) – warm garlic-flavored potatoes, need I say more?


Definitely would return back here for brunch (might even consider dinner one day too?). With the large portion of food you get with drinks included (~$15.00/person), this is well worth it. Warm, tasty and well-presented meal (not something that was slapped together within 5 minutes).

You might want to make a reservation if you have a large crowd (4 or more), as the restaurant is on the cozy side.

And so it begins…

June 1st, 2008 No comments

Revitalizing our blog and starting it right here! Since we are both foodies (I love food and Frank enjoys taking pictures of food, among other things) and into travel (at least me anyway!), we really want a place to record all of our activities and adventures so we can look back on. With hand-written diaries being somewhat a thing of the past (depending on how u look at it), this is a perfect medium that will allow us to share and record our experiences while including some memorable pics along the way!

So folks, let’s see how this goes!

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